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Enable GitHub Discussions for the Bazel repository

We are excited to announce that GitHub Discussions is now enabled for the Bazel GitHub project. This is a new channel for the Bazel community to collaborate, share ideas, ask questions, and provide feedback on the Bazel project, all without the need to open issues.

Improving the health of Bazel’s orphaned issues and PRs

Over the past few years, we have noticed several languishing issues and pull requests on repositories across the Bazel GitHub organization. While some have stalled without updates from authors, others have languished due to limited bandwidth and resources on the Bazel team’s end. In late 2022, we prioritized an effort to periodically review old issues/PRs and close them out as needed. Our apologies for the late communication on this process.

GitHub Archive Checksum Outage

On 2023-01-30, many Bazel users encountered build errors due to a change in GitHub's source archive generation mechanism. The change, since rolled back, caused all source archives (not release archives) to have a different checksum, despite their contents being unchanged. This caused an outage for several package management systems that relied on stable checksums, including Bazel.

Bazel Plugin for IntelliJ H2 2022 Community Update

A modified version of this blog was originally sent out to the IntelliJ Plugin distribution list on December 15, 2022.

A call for contributions to Bazel’s documentation

Last year, we made significant changes to Bazel’s documentation website ( to elevate overall developer experience. By redesigning the site’s architecture, we’ve made it easier for the community to contribute new documentation and add more content.

Bazel Central Registry Launched!

We're thrilled to announce the official launch of the Bazel Central Registry (BCR). As the default Bazel registry for the Bzlmod external dependency system, which enters general availability with Bazel 6.0, the BCR is the recommended place to publish and discover Bazel modules.

Bazel 6.0 LTS

Bazel 6.0 launched!

Build performance metrics

Probably every Bazel user has experienced builds that were slow or slower than anticipated. In this blog post we will provide a list of options on how to gain more insights into the performance of a Bazel build.

Bazel Community Round-up for August 2022

Welcome to the August issue of the Bazel Community Round-up, where we collect and share content about Bazel over the month.

Bazel 5.3

Bazel 5.3 is a minor LTS release. It is fully backward compatible with Bazel 5.0 and contains selected changes by the Bazel community and Google engineers.