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Bazel rolling releases

*tl:dr Bazel rolling releases are now available *

Bazel 4.1

Bazel 4.1 is a minor release as part of Bazel’s first LTS release. It is fully backward compatible with Bazel 4.0 and contains selected changes by the Bazel community and Google engineers.

Google and Debian work together to make COVID-19 researchers’ lives easier

Bazel is now available as an easy to install package distributed on Debian and Ubuntu. Tensorflow packaging for Debian is progressing.

Writing fuzz tests with ease using Bazel

We are announcing Bazel support for developing and testing fuzz tests, with OSS-Fuzz integration, through the new rules_fuzzing Bazel library.

Bazel 4.0

Bazel 4.0 is a major release and Bazel’s first LTS release. It contains new features and backwards incompatible changes.

Welcome Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to the Bazel ecosystem

After significant investment in understanding how best to build the Android Platform correctly and quickly, we are pleased to announce that the Android Platform is migrating from its current build systems (Soong and Make) to Bazel. While components of Bazel have been already checked into the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) source tree, this will be a phased migration over the next few Android releases which includes many concrete and digestible milestones to make the transformation as seamless and easy as possible. There will be no immediate impact to the Android Platform build workflow or the existing supported Android Platform Build tools in 2020 or 2021. Some of the changes to support Android Platform builds are already in Bazel, such as Bazel’s ability to parse and execute Ninja files to support a gradual migration.

JSON support for persistent workers

You asked, we answered -- JSON support for persistent workers is here!

Get ready for BazelCon 2020

With only 24 hours to go, BazelCon 2020 is shaping up to be a much anticipated gathering for the Bazel community and broader Build ecosystem. With over 1000 attendees, presentations by Googlers, as well as talks from industry Build leaders from Twitter, Dropbox, Uber, Pinterest, GrabTaxi, and more, we hope BazelCon 2020 will provide an opportunity for knowledge sharing, networking, and community building.

Announcing Bazel Long Term Support (LTS) releases

tl;dr Bazel will now provide Long Term Support (LTS) Releases as well as regular rolling releases.

Announcing the Bazel 4.0 release

We are happy to announce Bazel’s first Long Term Support (LTS) release, Bazel 4.0. To serve as a solid foundation for long-term support, Bazel 4.0 includes a number of updates intended to make it easier to use and extend the release's usefulness throughout the LTS track’s lifetime. These updates can be grouped into the following themes: