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Bazel 0.23

Bazel 0.23.0 has arrived with an exciting mix of new features, important bug fixes, and updated documentation.

Introducing Bazel Aquery

tl;dr: bazel aquery is a new bazel command that queries the action graph, and thus allows you to gain insights about the actions executed in a build (inputs, outputs, command line, …). aquery’s API is now stable and supported by the Bazel team.

Configurable Builds - Part 1

One of Bazel's long-term goals is to make $ bazel build //:all "just work" so that every target builds "the right way", for whatever platform(s) you care about, using only flags that are genuinely interesting to you. This two-part series discusses the challenges involved and steps we're taking to get there.

Dynamic scheduling for faster builds

The recently-released Bazel 0.21 brings an experimental new feature that can make your builds faster by making use of remote and local resources transparently. Prior to this release, this was already doable to some extent by using manual strategy definitions, but this new feature takes all manual decisions out of the picture.

Bazel 0.22

The Bazel team is happy to announce a new version of Bazel, Bazel 0.22.

Bazel 0.21

We've just released Bazel 0.21!

Bazel 0.20

The Bazel team is happy to announce a new version of Bazel, Bazel 0.20.

Bazel - a multi-language build system

Part of Bazel vision is to create a multi-language build system: it should be possible to seamlessly use and mix multiple languages in a codebase and to orchestrate builds and tests with a single build tool. As a codebase gets bigger, this feature becomes more and more important.

BazelCon 2018 Recap: presentation videos are up!

Thank you to everyone who made BazelCon 2018 a success! Over 300 attendees, representing over 100 organizations, spent two packed days sharing experiences and envisioning the future of Bazel. 80+ users took advantage of Office Hours to get hands-on help with Bazel and Remote Build Execution. And 40+ people received an immersive introduction to Bazel at Boot Camp.

Bazel 0.19

The Bazel team is happy to announce a new version of Bazel, Bazel 0.19.