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Bazel Product Partner Program

New Bazel Product Partner Program is now live!

Dear community members,

We are very happy to announce that the Bazel product partner program is now live! With this program we aim to recognize organizations that are improving the Bazel developer experience by adding tools or services that integrate with Bazel.

Bazel product partners are organizations that build open source or paid tools that interface with Bazel. These tools aim to support Bazel end user experiences and accelerate developer productivity.

We have six partners today including JetBrains*,, EngFlow, Gradle, Buildbuddy and Bitrise. These organizations are providing plugins, build scans, and remote build execution tools for Bazel users.

We're looking for partners who are passionate about Bazel and who want to make it even more useful by building complementary functionality. If you're interested in becoming a product partner, please write to us

We're excited to see what our product partners will build with Bazel! Thank you for your continued support of Bazel.

The Bazel Team

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