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Introducing the Remote Execution API Testing Project

When building software, we know that we need to be fast and we know we need to minimise any wasted time in the process. We need to get critical updates and features out to users as quickly as possible and we need to increase the productivity of teams who rely on an efficient edit and compile cycle. Introducing Remote Execution to builds will help achieve this, and for this, there is Bazel's Remote Execution API, which gives us the ability to parallelise the construction and validation phases of the software development cycle, and thus massively reduce elapsed time.

Bazel 0.29

We’ve just released Bazel 0.29! Bazel 0.29 is intended to be backward-compatible with Bazel 0.28 and 0.27, and will be the final release before Bazel 1.0.

Build Meetup London: Call for Speakers

TL;DR: Cloudflare is hosting a Build Meetup at its London offices on 1st October 2019. Many Bazel users and developers will be there too. Fill out this form to sign up to give a talk!

Bazel 0.28

We’ve just released Bazel 0.28! Bazel 0.28 is intended to be backward-compatible with Bazel 0.27. Please report any update problem.

BazelCon 2019: Save the Date!

**TL;DR: BazelCon 2019 will be in Sunnyvale, CA on December 11-12. Event Site

Automatic execution strategy selection in Bazel 0.27

tl;dr: Exciting news! After 0.27 release Bazel can auto select a suitable execution strategy, eliminating the need for manual configuration via command line flags in most cases.

Bazel 0.27

Bazel 0.27 has just been released.

Bazel Stability and Semantic Versioning

It's been 4 years since we open-sourced Bazel. We've come a long way. Many companies and open-source projects now benefit from fast, correct, multilingual, scalable builds with Bazel.

Bazel 0.26

The Bazel team is happy to announce a new version of Bazel, Bazel 0.26.

Faster remote builds in Bazel 0.25

We are excited to announce the initial availability of "Remote Builds without the Bytes" in Bazel 0.25.