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Bazel 0.16

The Bazel team is happy to announce a new version of Bazel, Bazel 0.16!

Java 8 Language Features in Android Apps

tl;dr: With Bazel, you can use Java 8 language features and APIs such as lambdas, default and static interface methods, sequential streams, optionals, and java.time in your Android apps!

Bazel sync and resolved files

When building against external dependencies, it is often desirable to closely follow upstream of those projects. On the other hand, reproducible builds can only be achieved if all dependencies are pinned to specific versions. So updating the pinned versions becomes a frequent task. We recently added (to bazel at HEAD) a couple of changes to make this task easier. While we have plans to further improve the workflow of pinning and updating versions of external dependencies, we encourage everybody to try out the steps below and provide feedback.

Bazel 0.15

The Bazel team is happy to announce a new version of Bazel, Bazel 0.15!

Introducing Bazel Cquery

(If you’re already familiar with bazel’s query command, skip ahead to the section titled ‘Introducing Cquery’.)

Bazel 0.14

We've just released Bazel 0.14!

Bazel 0.13

Bazel 0.13 has just been released!

Preliminary sandboxfs support and performance results

Back in August of 2017, we introduced sandboxfs: a project to improve the performance and correctness of builds that have action sandboxing enabled. Today, after months of work to stabilize the codebase, we are happy to announce that preliminary support for sandboxfs is available in Bazel HEAD after April 13th!

Bazel 0.12

We've just released Bazel 0.12!

Scalable Android Builds with Incremental Dexing

Bazel supports building Android apps with Java and C++ code out of the box through the android_binary rule and related rules. Android binary builds need a lot of machinery--more than we can cover in a blog post. However, one aspect that’s fairly important to Bazel’s Android support is scalability. That’s because we build most of Google’s own Android apps with Bazel and those apps are not only comparably large but also come with hundreds of engineers that want to build and test their changes quickly.