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Enable GitHub Discussions for the Bazel repository

We are excited to announce that GitHub Discussions is now enabled for the Bazel GitHub project. This is a new channel for the Bazel community to collaborate, share ideas, ask questions, and provide feedback on the Bazel project, all without the need to open issues.

GitHub Discussions enables threaded conversations with categorization, labeling, notifications, @mentions, and voting options for easier collaboration and organization. We believe that GitHub Discussions will improve collaboration and provide a record of transparent conversations and decisions for future reference. We encourage the community to use this feature for topic-specific discussions. If you want to ask quick questions and start real-time discussions, please join our Slack channel.

To use GitHub Discussions, navigate to the "Discussions" tab on the Bazel GitHub Repository's main page, then click "New Discussion" to start a new conversation.


Other channels like bazel-discuss and bazel-dev Google Groups are still available.

Thank you for your support and contributions to Bazel!