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Launching the new and improved Bazel site

Launching the new and improved Bazel site

The Bazel team is excited to announce migration to a new docs experience! Check it out and tell us what you think. Go ahead; we’ll be here when you get back.

Renewing the Bazel documentation infrastructure was a team priority in 2021. Along with improving findability, the new site also makes it easier to scale and contribute so we can continue to grow our knowledge base together.

The new documentation has several new features:

  • Better user experience. With automated localization / translation, filterable sitemaps, and a consistent navigation structure, more users can find what they are looking for, faster.
  • Standardized contributor experience. We’re making regular improvements to our documentation, and encourage the community to contribute.
  • Improved information architecture. The refactored sitemap and landing pages give a professional feel to the site, and improve consistency with other Google OSS project sites like Tensorflow, Android, and Firebase OSS.
  • Less engineering burden. Reduced site infrastructure maintenance toil frees time for other Bazel ecosystem initiatives.

Welcome to the new Like what you see? Find a bug? Let us know. We want the new docs site to be a place you want to build in.

Many thanks to the writers, engineers, and site specialists who made this migration possible — including you, the Bazel community. See you in the docs!