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Bazel 4.2

Bazel 4.2 is a minor release as part of Bazel’s first LTS release. It is fully backward compatible with Bazel 4.0 and 4.1 and contains selected changes by the Bazel community and Google engineers.


  • required_providers is now exposed to Starlark Defined Aspects (as part of work towards #11736).


  • The "unknown key" error for .bazelrc with Starlark flags has been fixed. (#11301)
  • The cquery command now inherits from bazel test, not bazel build. (#13428)
  • The test exec group now inherits properties from the default exec group. (#13459)
  • The config_setting visibility enforcement has been enabled with the --incompatible_enforce_config_setting_visibility flag. (#12932)
  • The exit code is used to signal when errors are reported on invalid aquery --output (#13660).
  • label_flag and label_setting now do not depend on the default value. (#11291)


  • The basic Unix toolchain now works on Apple Silicon without Xcode installed. (#13514)
  • macOS loadable bundles no longer strip all symbols. (#11869)
  • DEFAULT_MACOS_CPU has been updated to match the host. (#12671)


  • Bazel can now be built on Linux systems which use a minimal C standard library. (#12460)


  • aar_import now exports proguard specs. (#3778)
  • Android rules now use version 0.23.0 of Bazel Android tools.
  • The minimum version of the Android SDK build tools is now 30.0.0.
  • .aar files can now be extracted. (#13092)
  • tools/android no longer depends on the presence of Python 2. (#10127)


  • The Java Allocation Instrumenter library was updated to fix issues with JDK11+. (#13726)
  • Java now has coverage for external files. (#13376)


  • stub_shebang has been added to py_runtime. (#8685)


  • The threshold for long path shortening is now MAX_PATH - 4. (#12310)
  • Symlink creation on older Windows versions has been fixed. (#13169)
  • Windows developer mode symlinks have been fixed. (#13169)

Actions and Execution

  • Empty virtual actions no longer crash. (#12816)
  • A race condition that occurred when reporting action progresses is now fixed. (#13713)
  • DynamicSpawnStrategy crashes have been fixed. (#13149)
  • Interrupted status messages are not suppressed during pool closure. (#13512)


  • A bug in WorkRequestHandler that caused hanging workers has been fixed.
  • Workers now restart on flags that affect their creation/behaviour.
  • The default worker JSON protocol handler not allowing unknown fields, and a crash bug have been fixed. (#13240)
  • Workers can now finish lost races without delaying dynamic execution.

Remote execution

  • Bug fixes
    • Remote strategy is not registered if remote execution is not available. (#13340, #13487)
    • The progress bar shows "Scheduling" state while the action is actually hitting the remote cache and downloading outputs. (#13531)
    • Bazel may have crashed with "Too many open files" when writing to local disk cache. (#13435)
    • The XML generation spawn is executed even if test.xml is already generated when built with --remote_download_minimal. (#12554)
  • Improvements
    • The remoteCacheable key has been added to the execution log.
    • An --experimental_capture_corrupted_outputs flag has been added.
    • The progress bar now displays download progress when remote execution is enabled.
    • The remote cache no longer uploads empty output.

This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as Benjamin Peterson, bromano, Christopher Sauer, Daniel Wagner-Hall, George Gensure, Johannes Abt, Keith Smiley, Kevin Hogeland, Ryan Beasley, ThomasCJY, Trustin Lee, Ulf Adams, Vertexwahn, and Yuval Kaplan.