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Bazel 3.7

Bazel 3.7 is a minor release. It is an incremental update to Bazel 3.6.

Incompatible changes

  • The syntax //foo/BUILD can no longer be used on the command line to refer to the //foo:BUILD target. Use //foo:BUILD (preferred) or foo/BUILD instead. This does not affect BUILD/bzl files, where that syntax already didn't work.
  • Remove the --objc_header_scanner_tool flag. The flag was primarily used internally, and to our knowledge, a compatible tool was never released. Therefore this flag is believed to be unused.


  • Non-android targets are not in error when android_sdk_repository is present but invalid.


  • Include resources attribute in dependency attributes for java_* coverage configuration.
  • Javac now supports multiplex workers, but it is not enabled in the toolchain.

Other changes

  • select() directly supports constraint_value with no need for an intermediate config_setting.
  • --trim\_test\_configuration should work for almost all cases when a non-test target depends on a test.
  • Bazel now allows symbolic links that point to their own ancestor unless they are traversed recursively by e.g. a //... recursive target pattern or a recursive glob.
  • Generated Go protobufs no longer depend on //net/proto2/go:proto

This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as Benjamin Peterson, Cristian Hancila, Ed Schouten, Fredrik Medley, Kalle Johansson, Keith Smiley, Kseniia Vasilchuk, Michael Eisel, Michael Hackner, Michael Krasnyk, Mostyn Bramley-Moore, Ruixin Bao, Samuel Giddins, Simon Stewart, Torgil Svensson, Ulf Adams, Vasilios Pantazopoulos, Wenyu Zhang, Yannic Bonenberger, jgehw, and yoav-steinberg.