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Bazel 3.5

Bazel 3.5 has just been released.

Bazel 3.5 is a minor release. It is an incremental update to Bazel 3.4.

Incompatible changes

  • Remove the --experimental_process_wrapper_wait_fix flag.
  • Remove the --experimental_ui_deduplicate flag.
  • Remove the --experimental_transparent_compression flag.
  • Remove the --experimental_action_args flag.
  • Remove the --incompatible_symlinked_sandbox_expands_tree_artifacts_in_runfiles_tree flag.
  • Bazel now correctly prefers Xcode versions in /Applications over other paths, by default. This resolves an issue with accidentally picking up an Xcode version from a Time Machine backup or network disk. If you rely on the old behavior, move your desired Xcode version to /Applications.




  • Support signing key rotation in android_binary.


  • --apple_bitcode now takes an optional platform and only applies the Bitcode mode to that platform if present. The option may be provided multiple times.
  • Add optional oso_prefix_is_pwd feature for Apple builds.
  • NS_BLOCK_ASSERTIONS is now passed for all Apple architectures.


  • Java 14 is now supported through custom toolchain_jdk_14. The java_tools repository provides this support in the java_tools with javac14 v1.0 release.

Other changes

  • cquery now follows aspects when the --include_aspects flag is used.
  • Add support to bazel/crosstool for building arm64 on macos.
  • Update coverage configuration for Python, filegroup, and shell script rules to distinguish between source and dependency attributes.
  • Add InstrumentedFilesInfo provider to Starlark globals.
  • Make filegroup always forward InstrumentedFilesProvider and not collect any sources directly.
  • Update Starlark error reporting and the call stack. This may cause changes in the locations where errors were previously reported.
  • Allow dot ('.') in workspace names. See #11837.


This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as Adam Gross, Andrew Suffield, Benjamin Peterson, David Ostrovsky, Ed Schouten, Grzegorz Lukasik, Holger Freyther, Kalle Johansson, Keith Smiley, Kerrick Staley, Kyle Teske, Mostyn Bramley-Moore, Ryan Beasley, Ryan Pavlik, Siggi Simonarson, Stiopa Koltsov, Ulf Adams, Xiaoyi Shi, Yannic Bonenberger, Yesudeep Mangalapilly, bnczk.