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Build Meetup London: Call for Speakers

TL;DR: Cloudflare is hosting a Build Meetup at its London offices on 1st October 2019. Many Bazel users and developers will be there too. Fill out this form to sign up to give a talk!

We are pleased to announce that on 1st & 2nd October 2019, Cloudflare, Bloomberg and Google will be hosting a Build Meetup at the Cloudflare offices in London. As the schedule is being shaped, we are announcing a call for speakers. The keynote will be presented by Andrey Mokhov.

The event will be themed around all things build and test: Bazel, Buck, BuildStream, ccache, CMake, distcc, Dune, Pants, Remote Execution and all the surrounding ecosystems. On the first day a series of talks will be presented followed by refreshments. On the 2nd October, there will be an opportunity for broader community collaboration and discussion during our all day hackathon.

We are looking for insightful and engaging talks and presentations on topics focused around build systems. Have you worked tirelessly for the past 6 months on a new feature for project foo you would like to showcase? Have you and your team spent the last year integrating the tool bar at your workplace? Do you have some comparisons to make between qux and quux that the community could benefit from? If so, we and the community would like to hear from you! We are welcoming proposals for 10 minute lightning talks all the way to 45 minute deep dives.

If you'd like to attend make sure to watch this space for the opening of the meetup registration soon!