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BazelCon 2018 Recap: presentation videos are up!

Thank you to everyone who made BazelCon 2018 a success! Over 300 attendees, representing over 100 organizations, spent two packed days sharing experiences and envisioning the future of Bazel. 80+ users took advantage of Office Hours to get hands-on help with Bazel and Remote Build Execution. And 40+ people received an immersive introduction to Bazel at Boot Camp.

Couldn't make it? Want to share with colleagues? Or simply want a replay? Here are all of the presentation videos:

BazelCon 2018 Videos

Keynote: Testing Yields Velocity Melody Meckfessel

Bazel: Updates and Roadmap Dmitry Lomov

Building Large Angular Apps With Bazel Alex Eagle

Migrating From Maven to Bazel at Salesforce Blaine Buxton, Peter Laird, Simon Toens

Faster Builds With Remote Execution and Caching Steven Bergsieker

Fork, PR and Merge: Lessons from 2+ years of Bazel hacking George Gensure

Virtual Mono-Repo & Bazel: Reproducible HEAD dependency in a many-repo world Ittai Zeidman

A Tasty Tower of Sandwiches: From C++ to Haskell to Java and Back Mathieu Boespflug

Fusing Bazel: A Quest for Faster Incremental Builds Petros Eskinder, Gabriel Vacaliuc

Lightning Talks

Bazel: Lessons Learned Ulf Adams

A Dash of Bazel: With a Sprinkle of Containers, and a Side of Kubernetes Christopher Love

Collecting Code Coverage With Bazel Irina Iancu

Python in Bazel: Manage Your Dependencies Conrado Silva Miranda, Lauri Peltonen

Remote Execution vs Local Execution: Challenges and issues Nick Lopez

Improving the Usability of Remote Caching Ted Chang, Ton Ngo

BuildGrid: Executing Bazel and BuildStream Remotely Ed Baunton, Finn Ball

Knowledge Transfer by Source Code: “Secret” Techniques Used at Google Ofer Bartal, Avital Zipori

Building Apache Heron Josh Fischer

Generating BUILD Files Benjamin Peterson

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