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Thank you for BazelCon 2017

We are truly thankful to our community for making our first annual Bazel Conference a success! Check out all the videos of all the talks from BazelCon 2017 on YouTube.

Your feedback reflected high level of satisfaction, and there was something of interest for everyone:

  • Bazel usage and migration stories from TensorFlow, Kubernetes, SpaceX, Pinterest, Wix, Stripe, DataBricks, and Dropbox.
  • Talks about upcoming features and tools such as remote execution & caching, buildozer, robolectric tests, PodToBUILD, bazeltfc, rules_typescript presented by Uber, Two Sigma, Google, Pinterest, and Asana.
  • Office hours where you got your Bazel questions answered, met engineers, and debugged on the fly. One attendee used their session to configure remote execution with buildfarm!

BazelCon2017 by the Numbers:

  • 200+ attendees
  • 60 organizations
  • 30 speakers
  • 12 informative talks
  • 14 hours of hands-on debugging and Q&A during Office Hours

What we heard from you:

  • Bazel Query is great!
  • Python is used more widely than we realized, and needs better Bazel support.
  • Reproducible builds are important especially when you're flying rockets, building autonomous vehicles, delivering media, and calculating financial transactions, leading to wider Bazel adoption by these communities.
  • Documentation is often hard to find, and is either too basic or too advanced.
  • Bazel's parallelism is impressive: much faster than Maven.
  • IDE integration is important, particularly with Visual Studio, CLion, XCode.
  • Build Event Protocol enables many options for internal visualization of events.
  • Aspects are a powerful tool.

What we can do next:

  • Work on better documentation and training, particularly for intermediate-level topics.
  • Prioritize IDE integration.
  • Engage the community in building better Python support in Bazel.
  • Implement improved support for third-party dependencies.
  • Continue work on cross-platform improvements.
  • Engage the community in wider adoption and contribution to Bazel.

What you can do next:

  • Contribute to Bazel, particularly to the new community driven buildfarm effort.
  • Kick off local meet-ups (we will reach out to volunteers who responded to this in our survey).
  • Get more info on Bazel at
  • Join the discussion on

We look forward to working with you and growing our Bazel user community in 2018!