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A new logo and homepage for Bazel

We are glad to unveil a new logo for Bazel:

Bazel logo

This new logo, which feels more modern and balanced, was designed by Sunkwan, creative lead at Google. It takes inspiration from assembled blocks, adds an emotional touch to it and keeps the green color that is now rooted into our identity. It was the top results of our internal and community votes.

Iteration on the Bazel logo

We also updated the homepage of the Bazel website:

In addition to a visual refresh, this new website features clearer value statements, clearer call to actions and more relevant 'Get Started' links. We are also very proud to showcase a few famous users and their testimonials (feel free to add yours in the dedicated page of our wiki).

Screenshot of the Bazel homepage

Along the way, we moved the content of the main website and the blog in dedicated repositories (site repo, blog repo) and are using different subdomains: The documentation, which source is still hosted with our code in our main bazelbuild/bazel repo, is now served at The blog is served at, which should streamline the blog publication process (contributions welcome!).

The work does not stop here, our next steps are to improve our documentation structure and 'Getting Started' content. By the way, feel free to suggest edits to our documentation, it is as easy as clicking the 'Edit' button at the top of documentation pages.

Edit button on Bazel docs

We hope you like this new visual identity.