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Bazel on Windows

We first announced experimental Windows support in 0.3.0. Since then, we've implemented support for building, running and testing C++, Java and Python, as well as improved performance and stability. Starting with Bazel version 0.3.2, we are making prebuilt Bazel Windows binaries available as part of our releases (installation instructions).

In addition to bootstrapping Bazel itself, we're also able to build significant parts of TensorFlow with Bazel on Windows (pull request). Bazel on Windows currently requires msys2 and still has a number of issues. Some of the more important ones are:

Our GitHub issue tracker has a full list of known issues.

Now, we need your help! Please try building your Bazel project on Windows, and let us know what works or what doesn't work yet, and what we can do better.

We are looking forward to what you build (on Windows)!